This Is An EMERGENCY Newscast

Fellow American,

I urge you to put everything else aside for a moment and read this URGENT news before it's too late.

My name is Ken White and I'm part of a vigilante group of survival scientists and combatants,

Who teamed up to do everything humanly possible to save our fellow countrymen from the coming total destruction of our nation.

My colleagues and I are ready to fight to the last man to ensure the survival of the American family

But there's no way of telling how successful our efforts will be.

I can only pray this message reaches you in time...

Before the bloodshed that will kill more than 281.8 Million Americans is set in motion.

Throwing the U.S. into a new Dark Age, where blood and fire will rule the streets

No radio stations; no medical services; no trash pickups; no subways; no elevators; no water from the tap; no cell phones; no police cars; no food; NO HELP...

It's a real turkey shoot and we're standing on the wrong side of the rifle.

Our country's most valuable scientists and analysts, our military leaders, our policymakers, are all quite familiar with the EMP and its terminal threat.

An extensive study performed by The Congressional EMP Commission showed that critical systems in this country are alarmingly unprotected.

You won't believe their predictions:

They calculated that based on current realities, in the first year after a full-scale EMP attack, about two-thirds of the national population will die from starvation and disease, that's 200 million Americans bodies that will be left to rot all over this country.
Just think about the HORROR that we'll have to endure because of our leader's ignorance.

That's right, our enemy is now making the final preparations to attack the United States, before it's too late.

So if we want to know who that enemy is, we would have to know what is our most valuable asset he wants to take from us.

Consider the 55,000 miles of large-diameter oil pipelines, along with some 40,000 miles of smaller-diameter pipelines, that spread all over our country,

And the answer becomes clear.

Our most valuable natural resource is petroleum and natural gas.

So who stands to win everything by destroying our oil and gas sector?

It has often been said that 9/11 was a failure of our imagination.

The fact is, we had warnings about terrorists flying airplanes into buildings, but we chose to IGNORE them. We decided to not go there.

Pearl Harbor Memo shows the U.S. was warned of Japanese attack,

Yet we did NOTHING.

Last year a sniper attack knocked out a substation in California and barely made the papers.

The EMP Threat Falls Into This Category Of DENIAL

Our government fails to imagine it possible, even refuses to imagine it, despite overwhelming evidence that it can and we believe will happen to one degree or other.

On the seventieth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Warren Kozak wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the skeptics of EMP might be right.

We may never experience a serious EMP attack on native soil.

But, he also said, "70 years ago, similar doubters believed Japan would never be so foolish as to take on the United States of America—until, of course, it did."

Analysts at the Congressional Research Service claim the Russians have their leading physicists focusing on EMP, and there’s no reason to think otherwise—given Russia’s history of "firsts" in military science.

In October 1962, the Soviets launched a warhead on an R-12 missile to test the effects of EMP on military systems. They would later report their shock at the magnitude of damage inflicted.

And that was more than 60 years ago!

Imagine where they are now with this doomsday technology.

And from what you've seen so far, you know there's nothing or no one standing in their way when they decide to blow off America...

Back in the days of the Cold War, when we first learned about the physics of it all, our leaders were terrified by the prospect of an EMP attack against our country and kept trying to figure out reliable ways of protection.

But, once America won the war with the Soviet Union and tossed them to the dustbin of history, U.S. defense strategists relaxed and stopped thinking about the EMP.

They completely ignored what the Russians promised us then:

In 1999, at a high level meeting in Vienna, Vladimir Lukin, the chairman of the Russian Foreign Affairs Committee, angry with American policy in the Balkans, issued the following threat:

"If we really wanted to hurt you with no fear of retaliation, we would launch a Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile, and we would detonate a nuclear weapon high above your country and shut down your power grid."

Another Russian official, Alexander Shabanov, smiled and said, "And if that one doesn't work, we have plenty of spares".

None Of This Is Science Fiction, It's Science FACT!

Scientists calculated that a single high-altitude burst two hundred miles above Kansas could spread an EMP pulse across the entire continental United States.

And beyond the major city centers the damage will be done in countless ways large and small.

A blast over Pittsburgh can rapidly turn to dust virtually all agriculture and bulk transportation east of the Mississippi and north of Tennessee.

The big farms, dependent on power for everything from milking machines to harvesting combines, will silently shut down, starving our people.

The power industry is the foundation of our American civilization.

From the massive hydroelectric dams and their generators, to the hundreds of thousands of miles of power lines that stretch across the continent,

To the local substations, to the transformers that hang on the pole down the street from your house, to the breaker box in your basement,

All of this will be rendered useless.

The electronics we use today are so much more complex and interdependent, that the danger of one failure triggering another is higher than ever.

Systems all across the country are often operating BEYOND CAPACITY.

New power plants are being built farther away from end users, creating miles of exposed transmission lines.

Vital electronic systems are "remotely managed" and thus more at risk.

Even without a power grid disaster, the big electrical transformers are made overseas and have a minimum one- to three-year production backlog.

As Dr. William Graham who chaired the 2008 EMP Commission pointed out, any recovery of any one of the key national infrastructures "is dependent upon the recovery of others."

"It is possible," he said, "for the functional outages to become mutually reinforcing until at some point the degradation of infrastructures could have irreversible effects on the country’s ability to support its population."

"The fact that key components of the U.S. electrical grid are not even manufactured in America and must be ordered a year in advance from foreign suppliers suggests just how complicated and time-consuming recovery might be," he said.

Today our enemy is more prepared and more desperate than ever.

For 25 years this fallen empire has constantly been shamed by the U.S. and its allies...

But ever since Putin rose to power, more than 15 years ago, Russia has been recuperating covertly,

Scheming new ways to get back into the game and take over the world.

Its GDP doubled from oil exports and for a while Russia felt like a great power again.

Until the Ukraine crisis broke out...

And more than 50% of Russia's gas export halted as the pipeline network that delivered the gas load to Europe was on Ukrainian territory.

That's when Putin decided to play tough and demand almost double the gas price for the EU member states who still depended on Russian energy,

Threatening to cut off the gas supply if they didn't pay.

This insane energy blackmail enraged the European Union who found a way to reassure the member countries that world reserves (from the U.S. and its allies) will support a gas supply deficit for a full 90 days,

The crash in oil prices in the 1980s destroyed the Soviet Union and kick started its ultimate collapse in 1991.

But the crisis they are facing now is far worse than any country has ever experienced.

Going to war against the world to reclaim their oil and gas supremacy is something they can no longer afford to do. They're already too poor for that.

Their only chance to win back territory is if America and its energy sector suddenly fall to the ground with no means of getting back up for the next DECADE.

The crash in oil prices in the 1980s destroyed the Soviet Union and kick started its ultimate collapse in 1991.

But the crisis they are facing now is far worse than any country has ever experienced.

Going to war against the world to reclaim their oil and gas supremacy is something they can no longer afford to do. They're already too poor for that.

Their only chance to win back territory is if America and its energy sector suddenly fall to the ground with no means of getting back up for the next DECADE.

If that doesn't happen somehow, Putin will have to find a way to keep 140 million Russian people going hungry from overthrowing him.

And he knows very well once he loses support of his own people, he's as good as dead.

But considering Russia's financial situation, they can't afford a traditional war.

But slick as he is he also knows how to turn this to his advantage.

You may have heard those rumors on independent media that Putin is not actually attacking ISIS rebels in Syria, as he promised he would.

And why would he, when he can use their fanaticism and greed to his own best interest?

It would be piece of cake for Russia to pay small ISIS terrorist groups for setting off the smaller EMP attacks to turn off our interception systems, giving Russia enough time to steer their state of the art submarine close enough to detonate the REAL EMP bomb.

And considering how everybody hates ISIS and speculates they are filthy rich from the oil trafficking across Syria, it will be a delight for Putin to blame this entire hit on them, while he will be the real winner of this situation...

And although it may take a while for him to establish world supremacy, his primary goal - ensuring his survival and the supremacy of the Russian people - would have been accomplished brilliantly.

Do you think our leaders would ever do the same to ensure our survival, should we ever find ourselves in a situation such as Russia's?

Think of it like this:

Right now our situation is worse than Russia's, because our leaders wouldn't do whatever it takes to keep danger at bay.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS aka ISIL or whatever the hell they call themselves this day, is the only force capable of ruining Russia's plan to overthrow America.

Since their formation as a terrorist group deriving from Al'Qaeda, they killed tens of thousands of people.

Today ISIS is no longer just a terrorist group, but a feared army of fanatics who would do anything for their God.

They could easily attack Russia and destroy their last chance to pay back America for the bitter humiliation they suffered from us.

The ISIS army are the only ones fanatic enough to attack us again and thus throwing us in a state alert where no submarine could enter our waters close enough to detonate its EMP load.

And Putin knows this all too well.

And while our military's interception system is reduced to a deaf and dumb condition,

A quiet submarine approaches our waters close enough to set off the final blow that sends America back to the dark ages.

Because all it takes is just 1 missile with an EMP weapon attached to it to be detonated above the U.S., and the effects are IRREVERSIBLE.

An EMP device strategically detonated at an altitude of 20 miles above land,

Will PERMANENTLY DISINTEGRATE OUR POWER GRID... and plunge America into silence and darkness, Indefinitely.

Clogged streets; no public transport.

Grocery and convenience stores run out of food and emergency supplies...

Before being completely torn down by hungry, desperate people.

Financial systems crash: Wall Street, banks, ATMs, they're all cooked, as the American economy drops offline.

Hospitals all over the affected areas are scenes of chaos and carnage, as backup generators and battery-powered systems slow down and die.

Respirators, cardiac monitors, intravenous drip pumps, and dialysis machines all stop.

Patients die, first by the scores, then by the hundreds, then by the thousands.

Hordes of Military Police are deployed all over the country to maintain some sense of law and order,

But they are soon overwhelmed by all the desperate people fighting for their lives.

And they realize it's beyond their power to control this world quickly spiraling out of control.

So our only hope now is people like you and me, real Americans who care about our families and our lands, and will do everything in our power to make sure we remain alive and proud.

As I told you a few minutes earlier, I'm part of a team of scientists and survival experts who are willing to sacrifice everything to be able to deliver the right knowledge to all American families out there,

So that we as a nation may still have a future ahead.

The people you saw in this presentation and a few more brilliant minds have gathered all the crucial intelligence required to survive the coming mayhem,

And we are now in a hurry to spread the word and save as many people as possible.

Our own resources are depleting fast but with help from outstanding citizens like yourself and others, we managed to keep this site up and running for now.

But we don't how long it is until our efforts are sabotaged by the ones who try to keep this hidden from the world... whether is Russian Secret Service or our own who might try to take us down.

Be as it may, now, at this very moment, you still have a chance to grab the life saving information we put aside for you, and use it to survive and thrive through the utter destruction of the American nation.

We named this lifesaving program Jumpstart Liberty because that's our promise to you and your loved ones:

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I kid you not when I say we will soon find a way, together, to use this situation to our own advantage, and create new opportunities for us Americans,

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